A kundalini 1 to 1 online coaching for aura expansion

Illuminating your relationship to your Self, to others and to your destiny.

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re-opening spring/summer 2019

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Do you feel like…

You know you have a lot of creativity within you, but you don’t know how to tap into it

Your energy and emotions are constantly shifting, and you don’t know how to deal with them

You intuitively know yoga has a lot to offer you, if only you were being guided as a start

You want to attract so much more of everything in our life (but you constantly second guess yourself)

You are opened to try a scientific energy practice to uplift your life

You are magnetic…except when you stand in your own way

You feel ready to evolve and take care of yourself at a physical, mental, emotional and energetically level.

then you are in the right place to get guided with superpowerful yogic energetics tools!


What will you get from the kundalini aura activation coaching?


Your auric field is everything. Your aura has imprinted all you’ve lived, said, and thought, and everything that you wish wasn’t there but that you didn’t processed.

According to your date of birth, the tantric numerology reading will illuminate your path, your skills, and the nature of your human soul.

It provides an effective means for you to align with your higher Self and excel via the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

1- You will receive a personalized tantric numerology lecture. Custom made video delivered the day after your subscription.

2- Receive a customized Kundalini yoga home practice recommendation based on your numerology. This video recommandation will guide you on how to implement your personalized yogic home practice to activate your Aura. Custom-made Video delivered 3 days after your subscription.

This practice is to do for 40 days at home to maximize the results.

This is accessible even if you’ve never practiced any yoga before.


why 40 days of practice will activate the Aura?

It takes 40 days of straight practice to break a pattern.

This 40 days practice will change your life as it will:

  • clear memories stuck in your aura

  • break the pattern of constantly reproducing the same situations over and over n your life

  • create auric space for the new to come in

  • reinforce your skills as you clear blockages

  • build up your Aura radiance


what they say


Your wisdom and ability to guide into higher frequencies is a rare gift.

I am excited for other people to enjoy your offerings

- Katrine, 31, Sweden.


what you get

A tantric numerology reading illuminating your relationship to yourself, to others and to your destiny >> 1 CUSTOMIZED VIDEO or CALL the day after your subscription

A personalized kundalini yoga guided practice to activate your Aura, to be practiced for 40 days >> 1 CUSTOMIZED VIDEO 3 days after your subscription

A recommendation on how to practice >> 1 EMAIL

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