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positive affirmations can change your mindset and your body chemistry

How often do you take care of your mindset and your feelings?

What if when you needed it you could decide to take 2 to 5 minutes to center yourself? To re-programm your ooh so beautiful, but sometimes "monkey" mind ? 

Save the affirmations below to read as soon as you wake up in the morning and before going to bed:

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10 evening positive

The 10 Morning positive Affirmations are a magic tool to program your mindset

Did you know that the best kept secret of happy people is that they keep choosing it will be the case before it happens?

The good news is: everybody can practice feeling good!

We just need to access the tools to practice.

How can these morning affirmations change your life?

Do you feel like as soon as you wake up you look at information of the external world (news, social media, emails,...)?

Can you feel how this might stress your system, sometimes even before you've stepped out of bed?

If you do, there is a way to wake up differently, peacefully, and more centered.

My intention below is to share with you a powerful practice to nourish your mind first.

How to practice this?

My recommendation is to take a look at them as soon as you wake up.

The best way to read these affirmations, is to actually feel them.

It shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes, so it's really easy to integrate in your lifestyle.

did you know that appreciation is the most magnetic force to manifest your desires?


F.E.E.L. the feelings behind the affirmations. 

Feel the words resonating inside you.

Visualize, imagine, hear, or whichever way of yours to feel appreciation will have a radical impact on your life if practiced daily. 

How to use the evening positive affirmations?

Find your own space and decide that you want to gift yourself this beautiful spiritual practice for a couple of minutes before bedtime.

If you don't live alone, share your new practice and your intention with your partner / family. They might turn out a great support to help you find a couple of minutes for yourself before going to bed.

Cherish this moment you create for yourself. 

And while being relaxed, start reading and feeling your 10 evening affirmations. 

Decide to take care of your mindset before going to sleep, and enjoy!


There are a couple of ways you can amplify the benefits of this practice:

> save the images on your smartphone and come back to your morning affirmations during the day

> be dedicated to trying this practice for at least 1 week...and watch how you feel 

> share with a friend about it.

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