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bali yoga retreat MAY 19 - May 25 2019

registrations opening soon

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Yoga retreat in bali paradise…

2019 is one of the most potent year to realize your intentions according to sacred numerology.

It’s the perfect time to up level our self care practices and our wellbeing.

Bali L o v e Yoga Retreat will take place on one of the most beautiful well being famous vortex on the planet: Bali island.

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The retreat will include dynamic and restorative yoga practices, every day guided meditations, transformational breath work, sacred mantras sound and group singing with live music, ancestral yoga teachings, gorgeous delicious plant based food, and highly luxurious housing in a natural habita.

Bali is known for its “yin” and sensual energy, partly due to its astonishing juicy nature and its summer time climate all year long.

The island attracts people from all over the world, willing to take deep care of themselves, enjoy five stars treatments and reconnect with their higher self while being supported with highly spiritual practices.



Bali Yoga Retreat Schedule

The retreat will include :

  • dynamic yoga practices in the morning : vinyasa yoga

  • restorative yoga practices in the evening: yin yoga

  • guided kundalini meditations

  • sacred mantra group chanting in the evening

  • transformational breath work

  • delicious plant based food and luxurious natural scenes

  • time off to rest, enjoy a balinese massage, or visit the island

Bali Yoga Retreat

reservations and pricing

Reservations opening soon.

Leave us your email address below to be advised when the retreat registrations open up:

what to expect from this retreat?

  • 4 hours of Daily Yoga Practice - Challenging asana (physical postures), meditation, yoga philosophy, intention setting, pranayama (control of breath) in an intimate group. Expect plenty of hands-on assistance and one-on-one time. 

  • Sound current and self expression activation through sacred mantras group chanting and live music guitar and harmonium environment.

  • Luxurious Bali lifestyle anchored in abundant, astonishing and harmonious nature surroundings. This facilitates tremendous nervous system relaxation and self rejuvenation.

  • Plant based high energy food.

  • Extra balinese sensory massages services.

  • Summer time season offering a warm and sunny environment for deep relaxation and restoration.

hear about yogis who practice with Celine

“I love Celine yoga classes, I come especially to benefit from her teachings who give me deep experiences, who allow me to practice and evolve from the inside out.”

Caroline, Paris.

“Just thanks to her weekly classes, Celine helped me transform my life. I gained enough self confidence to follow my path and quit my corporate job to reinvent my life. I am still in the process but by no way do I regret reconnecting with myself. Thank you so much!”

Elena, Paris

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